Retail Packaging


TechFlex offers a variety of consumer product bags for retail food products.  Whether you are a grower, a processors, or a packer of any type, our retail stand-up pouches and rollstock solutions can meet any packaging challenge.


TechFlex understands the needs of the retail food market and has years of experience with agricultural packaging.  Contact us today to learn more about our retail food packaging solutions!


Our strength is in our diverse manufacturing capabilities.  TechFlex offers:

    • Laminated films used for atmospheric barrier packaging
    • Diverse bag sizes to meet any retail packaging requirements
    • Printing for cosmetic enhancement to our existing quality films
    • Quality designed and printed pouches for strong marketability for your products



Pre-Zippered Rollstock

TechFlex offers retail products a boost in marketability and functionality with resealable Inno-Lok® zipper technology.

Visit our Inno-Lok® page for more zipper info!