Inno-Lok® Zipper

Open up the marketing power of resealable Inno-Lok® pre-zippered rollstock!  Inno-Lok® pre-zippered film is a process for attaching recloseable zippers to Form, Fill, and Seal packaging films.  The recloseable zippers are pre-applied to rollstock by TechFlex.


When compared to in-line zipper applicators, Inno-Lok® has proven to be the more efficient and lower cost method for producing recloseable packaging.  Contact us today for a cost model comparison for zipper application!



Benefits of Pre-Zippered Rollstock:  

  • Lower costs and more efficient than In-Line zipper applicators

  • Increased marketability for brands

  • Only minor machinery modifications required

  • Production time unchanged, no production loss!

  • Fits to any bag size